zondag 10 maart 2013

My choice 2

Sometimes I have creative moments one of these moments that feel like an emotional outburst. At those moments I feel like I haveeee to do SOMETHING dramatic to let it out, like an itch waiting to be scratched. This thursday was one of these moments. That day I decided I wanted to make something I had in mind for a longgg time. I wanted to alter a garment I already had. And That's what I did, I went all the way Y'ALL! I went for a legging I already had but one that was tainted (it was already ripped a lil' bit). 

I'm very very very HAPPY with the result. You like? I know I DO! I wore it outside with a pantyhose beneath it and a short under it. You can create your own ripped legging too, wanna know how I did it? keep on reading.
What you need:

  • legging
  • scissors (they have to be very sharp to really cut through the fabric)
  • patience
  • and that smile on your face when it's done!

The legging I chose was a H&M legging(4 euros) I thought that this legging outta work the best. 

Then I started cutting it. I didn't use a guide whatsoever, although I had an imagine in mind what I wanted to create. I didn't wear the legging when I started at the bottom, but later on (above the knee area) I was wearing the legging while cutting it. As you can see I started at the bottom and worked my way up.

For the finishing touch I added spikes that are also from H&M to accessoirize it.

The result:

What I'm wearing: necklace H&M, legging H&M, blazer H&M, shirt V&D, boots Michael Kors.

What do you think about the result? And have you ever altered clothes?

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